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The Challenge

A large Mexican retailer with stores across Mexico was looking to provide Internet connectivity to their stores, however connecting all these stores through a local ISP was a very costly expenditure. They made the decision to implement their own network to reduce their dependency on service providers and to solve their communications needs.

The Customer

The Mexican retail chain is one of the largest department stores in Mexico and is similar to Walmart in the US and Canada. There are more than eight hundred stores in Mexico in 22 provinces.

The Solution

After looking at several competitive solutions, the customer chose an EION Wireless broadband wireless solution. A wireless network was built to provide communications to stores in cities with two or more locations. The wireless network provided the Internet access they desired, plus important store-to-store communication for data transfer (inventory, mail, reports, invoicing, credit applications, etc.) and the possibility to introduce VoIP.

EION’s Ultima3 and LibraPlus were the products of choice in this application. The EION Wireless products were deployed in a point-to-point configuration with links ranging from 5-15km. The LibraPlus has proven itself to be very cost-effective and suitable to the client’s application so well, that they are extending the EION Wireless solution to more of their locations.

The customer is relying on EION Radios to achieve the inter-connectivity between the stores at the city level with objective to bring all the stores to a central MPLS location in each city. Then all cities are backhauled to the Main Data Centre in Culiacan City at the north of Mexico using MPLS network. So far in the network, the retail giant has deployed more than 2000 Radios from EION distributed all over Mexico. The radios are a mixture of the legacy Ultima3 systems and the next generation EION work horse LibraPlus 5860.

Why the Customer Chose EION

Trial equipment from several different vendors was tested. Reliable performance was the key priority addressed. The EION Wireless solution performed better and the link was more reliable than competitive solutions.

The Product

EION’s LibraPlus enables suburban and rural applications with its superior range. Pointto- point and point-to-multipoint applications give your network the flexibility to grow with your business. The superior long range of the LibraPlus without sacrificing throughput performance of the link, make this product the clear choice of our customers. The LibraPlus implements EION’s proprietary TrustLink protocol that reduces the effects of interference and boosts throughput in outdoor wireless networks.

The Partner

EION Wireless has established a worldwide network of partners to provide customers with very professional and superior levels of service. We rely on the experience of our worldwide channel network to help plan, install and deploy wireless networks and it is objective of EION Wireless to provide our partners with the support and attention they need to be highly successful.

For this deployment EION Wireless collaborated with Gold Channel Partner Sinwire. SINWIRE Inc is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with a presence in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. SINWIRE was founded with the vision of providing enterprise customers with the best products and services and a superior level of customer service. The company is committed to providing excellent technical support in fluent Spanish and unbeatable pricing for wireless products throughout all Latin America.

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