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EION had the opportunity to demonstrate the superior abilities of TrustLink Technology to combat interference in direct head-to-head tests against the competition. These tests were performed by one of our customers in a live deployment scenario in a densely populated area. As much as possible this test re-created real life conditions where multiple products from different vendors could be co-located on the same tower. In the testing, EION StarPlus products were pitted against products we will call “Competitor-A” and “Competitor-B” in a series of interference tests.

About TrustLink™

TrustLink is a technology developed by EION Wireless for the delivery of high throughput, outdoor, multimedia rich applications in the unlicensed band. TrustLink Technology provides interference mitigation, increased system performance, low latency and Quality of Experience. EION’s StarPlus family of products use TrustLink exclusively to deliver highly reliable broadband communications.

Testing Method

The main objective of these tests was for our customer to observe the link stability of EION Wireless products when contending with interference from competitor radios.

For the head-to-head testing, EION base stations were co-located alongside the competitor base station products on the same pole. Similarly all the CPEs were mounted at the same location at the other side of the link, also on the same pole.

The link distance between the base stations and CPEs was 1000 meters, and the EIRP was set to a maximum of +36 dBm on all equipment. For these tests, the operating channel chosen was 5845 MHz.

For each test, the radios were made operational on the same channel so that they would intentionally interfere with each other. The initial test was to verify if a link could be established with both radios operational in standby mode. Then once a link was made operational, traffic was passed between the base station and the CPE in order to test the performance of the link under interference conditions.


Based on the results of the head-to-head testing, EION was able to clearly demonstrate the superior interference handling capabilities of StarPlus with TrustLink technology when faced with interference from competing technologies. This capability enables customers to be confident of the reliability and performance of EION products when deployed in densely populated urban environments where multiple sources of destructive interference are present.

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