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Gujarat State government implements an extensive wireless network to link government offices.


Gujarat state covers 196 thousand square kilometers and its government provides administration and services to over 48 million people.

This daunting task has been made easier with the recent implementation of a wireless communications system that provides voice, video conferencing and WAN data services between government offices.

The Gujarat State Wide Area Network, or GSWAN was initiated to enhance communications between various offices located in major centers throughout the state. The objective was to provide voice, video and data services to and between State, District and ultimately Taluka level offices.


After a through engineering investigation, EION’s VIP 110-24 Broadband Wireless System was chosen for this project. The high performance and versatility of the system was a significant factor. “Perhaps the decisive factor in the selection of the VIP 110-24 was its VINE technology”, said Terry Wasson of EION Inc. “The structured NLOS capabilities coupled with the repeater functionality made this radio very attractive in this application.” The network diagram for Ahmedabad is shown below. It is one of 25 cities in the fully deployed network. It consists of 19 nodes and connects Police, Courts, and many other government offices together. This type of communications abilities greatly enhances the Government’s ability to carry out it’s duties and responsibilities.

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