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Damascus University is the largest university in Syria with twenty four campuses spreading across the City of Damascus, the capital of Syria. Dating back to the beginning of the last century, Damascus University is one of the most important centres of Arab culture in the Middle East. The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) is the ministry in Syria, who is the governing body of all universities in Syria, including the Damascus University.


Damascus University has twenty-four campuses scattered throughout the City of Damascus. The university required a private network between all the sites to share information as well as provide Internet access together with the MHE in Damascus. The large distances between all the sites meant that connecting all the sites with the conventional wire infrastructure would be prohibitively expensive.


Delivering up to 12 Mbps, EION’s Ultima 3 can provide broadband coverage up to 16 km (10 miles) to 1000 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) from a single Access Point (AP), or up to 75km (45 miles) in point to point operation. The products offer network features such as VLAN, CIR and MBR. The Ultima 3 radios simplify installation and management even further with the unique PDA quick start operation and GUI interface.


EION’s products were chosen for this project as a result of their security, range, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Syrian Data Systems (SDS) was asked to provide the complete network solution. A backhaul link from a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the MHE was established. Then a Point-to-Multipoint system connected all campus sites to the MHE. The Ultima 3 MP was the ideal multipoint solution as some of the sites are as far as 16 kilometers (or 10 miles).


EION’s innovative wireless solution ensured rapid deployment of the network needed by both the Ministry of Higher Education and the University of Damascus. Within their private WAN network, the MHE and all campuses can exchange information quickly and easily. In addition both the MHE and the University of Damascus now enjoy the connectivity to the world through EION’s Ultima 3.

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